Ali’s recipe for life

Muhammad Ali is a former and African American boxer, three-time world champion heavyweight, but he is much more than that.

First and foremost is a fighter —against other boxers, against the heritage of ancestors who enslaved his people (born Cassius Clay, changed his name for that reason), against the US government by refusing to go to the Vietnam War or against his final Alzheimer— and an exceptionally brave and consistent figure that has influenced society as few characters of the twentieth century. Thanks to him, among others, many Americans of African descent learned to relate better to their origins.

Famous also for its ingenious humorous sentences, some even see him as a forerunner of rap. In this video, answering an interviewer’s question, explains his recipe for life:

—4 cups of love
—1 table spoon of patience
—1 tea spoon of generosity
—1 pint of kindness
—1 quarter of laugh to
—1 pinch of concern
Mix all with purpose, happiness and lots of faith, then stir it up and spreading it during a lifetime.