Brockwood Park: Transformation of man

Brockwood Park is a school founded by Jiddu Krishnamurti and a group of partners in 1969, with the intention of carrying out their educational proposals. Education was one of the major concerns of the Indian from the very beginning of his career, and schools are one of the most suitable land to implement his teachings.

To that end, Brockwood settled in Hampshire (UK) as a private school for up to a small group of students as boarders. The community of teachers and students had a markedly international character, with people from more than twenty countries. The purpose was to awaken the intelligence of the student and the educator to the nature and consequences of their behavior and way of thinking, in all facets of daily life. The important thing is not to get the students get good grades, but is able to adequately face all the challenges of their relationship with the world.

One of the most significant activities of the institution are your open chats. In this, which took place in May 1976, Krishnamurti, the physicist David Bohm and psychoanalyst David Shainberg reflect on concepts like solitude, freedom, transformation, thought or mind.