The eternal cycle of life

‘Samsara’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘world’ or ‘cyclic existence’, and also the title of a documentary directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson. The film is about one of their favorite themes: the relationship between humanity and eternity.

According to Fricke himself, the film is divided into four parts: Creation (spirit takes form), Matter (one turn of the wheel), Samsara (the wheel of life) and Renaissance.

The shocking images and music are enough to create a visual poem that tries to capture the differences and similarities between different ways of understanding and living life, depending on where the planet we are living. Filmed over five years in 25 different countries, its spectacular shots and the non-narrative line make it the best example of the new genre documentary that filmmaker Godfrey Reggio began back in the 80’s with his trilogy Qatsi, of which Ron Fricke was the director of photography.