Home, sweet home

In just a few decades, man has disrupted the balance of thousands of years of the Earth’s evolution of and has jeopardized his future. The risk is enormous and Humanity must become aware of the excessive exploitation of the planet’s wealth and change their consumption habits.

This is the argument that led to the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand to embark on three years of work to shoot the documentary ‘Home’. Made of aerial images taken in more than 50 countries, the author’s intention was ‘to place the first brick of the building that we must rebuild all together’, in his own words. The film is free and was released simultaneously in theaters and on the Internet in June 2009.

Currently he is working on a sequel, ‘Home, story of a journey’, which insists on the wounds of the world and explains the reasons that led him to get back on the same subject.