Homo Modernus

Directed by Iñigo Orduña and Claudio Molinari and based on an original text of the second, ‘Homo Modernus: Tractatus Philosophicus’ is one of the two Spanish short films selected for the Youtubeplay final competition held at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao in 2010. The presentation of the authors was: ‘If in a parallel universe Ludwig Wittgenstein would married Marshall McLuhan, his daughter-robot would have made an animation like this. Hope you like’.

An interesting and critical reflection on what they call the Homo Modernus, ie, ourselves. The man of the present, steeped in Capitalism and the consumer and information society; the man whom the system, through patterns of consumption and production, has made in his image and likeness; the man who has to outsource all leaving himself as an empty vase; the man who is defined as a hybrid of hyena and shark, who while laughs, confused and empty, still allows sharks, as befits their behavior, hunt alone.