How are you intelligent?

Ken Robinson is a British educator, writer and speaker, expert in matters related to creativity, quality of education, innovation and human resources. Doctor at London University since 1981, he was knighted by Queen Isabel II of England in 2003, for the relevance of his activities in the study of the relationship between education and art. Currently he is an emeritus professor at Warwick University, United Kingdom.

He is known for his revealing work on ideas such as the importance of creativity in education and the development of an individual’s capacities and talents for a better development of his or her potential. Self knowledge and the improvement of the relationship between the individual and his or her environment, like being active and  agent  of change, are for the professor ways to a improve the welfare of the individuals  and the world they live in, from the most immediate environment to the whole planet Earth.

This video, ‘How are you intelligent?’, has been created by The Inspiration Journey from a fragment of a Ken Robinson’s speech named ‘The world we explore’ that took place at the summit of Zeitgeist Americas 2012. The authors invite us to think about his talk: the importance of creativity and intelligence, not in its quantity but in how we use it, and the key role that it plays in our welfare and our environment. And also, how the way to find an authentic balance between these parts of the whole —our inside world, who we are and the planet we live in and share— lies in education.