Impossible without faith

Faith is confidence or belief in something or someone. Can be defined as the acceptance of a statement made ​​by someone with some authority, knowledge or experience, or as the assumption that something created by oneself is correct although there are not any proves to arrive at a certainty about that something. Faith goes hand in hand with trust, and the reasons why people are convinced of the truth of something by faith depend on the philosophical principles in which trust and other emotional or cultural aspects.

‘Ainda dá tempo’ —There is still time— is a project by Colisão Filmes aiming to make people realize that to make a change, we must first believe that it is possible. The world belongs to all of us and needs our faith and optimism so that our will to change becomes a real change, and this needs starting from within: by changing our way of thinking, we change our way of acting and by acting we change the world.