International Philosophers Project: Justice vs Power

In the early 70s the International Philosophers Project, led by the Dutch philosopher Fons Elders, was developed through a series of debates among the great figures of thought of those decades.

This video is a fragment of the discussion between two giants, opposing ideas and philosophical lines were compared, was recorded at the University of Amsterdam in 1971 and broadcast on Dutch television. Noam Chomsky —philosopher, linguist, political activist and intellectual most cited recent times— representing Rationalism and Michael Foucault, representative of the post-modern philosophy and French Theory —Derrida, Lyotard, Baudrillard and others—, with high impact during those years and also one of the most cited contemporary intellectual level.

The debate was about the idea of human nature, and was titled ‘Human nature: Justice vs Power’, the book of the same name, transcribed and everything said in that debate by these two leading figures of thought .This debate continues been a good tool to understand even today these two philosophical positions, which carry two world views, thought and understanding this, and even today is still arguing in universities and academic environments around the world.