Life and meaning

What is the meaning of life? The life have one sense? These are existential questions, form part of what is be a human. However, now, with the decline of religion and the consequent diversification of whats, whys and where we go (how many people and their worldviews) seem more complex than ever, and shows like a conflict, and therefore as potential sources of unhappiness. This video made by School of life, platform for dissemination of knowledge for the development of emotions and psychological and social well-being of people, proposes a fast, fun and very educational tour to answer all these questions, based on how and not why.

How can we give our lives meaning? In absolute terms and scientists, the meaning is the reproduction of the species, but that, don’t satisfy these questions, typical of postmodernism and the situation resulting from having our basic needs.

Human beings are the only creatures on earth that we can create ideas about ideas (ideas of ideas), ‘metaideas’. Untangling this ball: our existential ideas have no absolute answers to our happiness and no formula exists for this. How then give meaning to our lives, what is the key to this ‘metaidea’? In this video we find one of the secrets, it does not give us an answer but tools to make, at least, that the perception of the meaning of our existence and our existence itself be something happier. Hint: We are not alone!