Living good without God

‘Sex, death and the meaning of life’ is a three-part documentary presented by Richard Dawkins which explores what reason and science might offer in major events of human lives. He argues that ideas about the soul and the afterlife, of sin and God’s purpose have shaped human thinking for thousands of years, and he believes science can provide answers to some of these old questions we used to entrust to religion.

In the first episode, ‘Sin’, he examines issues surrounding the notion of sin and explores the rituals that surround mating and the science of disgust and taboo.

In the second one, ‘Life after death’, Dawkins tackles death. He investigates different beliefs about death and afterlife from Hindu funeral pyres in India to genetics labs in New York. He bring together neuroscience, evolutionary and genetic theory to examine how we age and why we crave life after death.

Finally, in ‘The meaning of life’, he examines how both religious and non-religious people struggle to find meaning in their lives. To the question ‘Why does an atheist bother to get up in the morning?’, he argues that we each have to forge our own sense of meaning.