Of lions and men

Not long ago, I read shocked that a person died devoured by a lion in front of their family, who watched the show terrified in the same car that the person had abandoned for photographing the animal.

This folly is not very common phenomenon among visitors to the reserve, but I think to some degree the general disconnect between human beings and the biological environment in which it has evolved, has made him lose an instinctive knowledge whose vacuum has been filled for a stupid paternalistic view toward nature. Even on television documentaries about animals must be mounted describing a small argument with happy fate for the animal, which does not hurt the moral well-being of the viewer.


Invites reflection this little identification between man and nature. In Girona, someone who suffered severe indigestion denounced the council for letting grow into a public park inedible mushrooms. The council of City Hall had to eradicate its parks this mushrooms. The deliberate domestication of nature by humans, hides that integrate an organic system in which the proper functioning of your cells corresponds to the proper functioning of cells of different types, which are those that allow it to optimize its potential. Reciprocally with their efficient operation, facilitates around the system continues playing with stability.

Our special faculties should not be perverted with disregard the other species, extinguishing or humanizing species, because they are the responsible of awaken in our body the knowledge of our instinctive and vegetative body, the place where our cognition needs settle to sail to fullness. The perversion of the system, or disease, is evident when we destroy around our natural manifestations of life that protect us psychically mental numbness, which the rulers exploit to infuse this false institutional security that led to the unfortunate man to believe that he could photograph the wild animal ‘friendly’ with tourists who have made the expensive trip up there.