Subconscious does its job in the right way

As everyone knows, and cast the first stone who doesn’t, the most significant decisions involve so many rational variables, that people often feel blocked and stop thinking about them.

A study carried out by Dutch psychologists, published in 2006 by Science magazine, argues that it can be a good strategy because the brain’s subconscious part is able to lead us to make as or more successful decisions as the conscious one.

The hypothesis of deliberation without attention was confirmed in four subsequent studies —Photo Adrian Perez

Opposed to what is thought and according to the study’s summary, it is not always a good idea to engage in thoughtful discussions before making a decision. Based on evidence about the characteristics of conscious and subconscious thoughts, the psychologists team lead by Ap Dijksterhuis tested the hypothesis that simple choices —like choosing a towel or a table in a restaurant— are actually better after a conscious process, but decision on important issues, that do really matter to us —like buying a house or changing jobs— are better revolved through a subconscious process.

Known as the hypothesis of ‘deliberation without attention’, it was confirmed ver four different studies: over the time, decision on complex issues where more satisfying for people who had taken in the absence of conscious deliberation, without ‘thinking’.