The power of a good smile

The power of smile is so big that only the fact of slightly doing it already produces beneficial effects. Richard Wiseman, a Public Understanding of Psychology professor in the University of Hertfordshire, in UK, remembers us in an interview with Eduard Punset that ‘when you force yourself to smile, it encourages you, it makes you feel happier. This said, you have to keep your smile for 15 seconds, keep it there’.

A simple exercise: stop, breathe gently and focus your attention on your face. Start with your forehead; be aware of the feelings that come from it, if there is any type of strain, relax it. Pay special attention to your jaws and tongue, because we tend to keep them strained. Breathe and relax them. Relax your mouth. Gently, put the tip of your tongue on your upper gum, behind your front teeth. You will see how you lips are immediately relaxed and you gently smile.

Your face is one of the most sensible parts of your body. A set of various elements, each of them unique, forms your presentation card: eyes, mouth, forehead, eyebrows, cheeks… Fear and rage, some of our most common tensions, tend to gather around some of these parts —your jaw and forehead are neuralgic points—. This is the reason why it is important to know how your face is, what it says about one y be aware of it, relax our muscles and start to change our attitude.

Many people from different times and cultures have referred to the smile’s extraordinary singularity and its ability to make the transition between one’s self to others. In words of María Jesús Ribas, ‘the smile it’s not only the display of an inner feeling of joy, harmony or welfare; it is an exclusive form of expression for human beings and it is as well the most visible part of an intimate union between two minds’. The Dalai Lama considers ‘a smile as something unique in a human being. A smile is also a powerful communication tool. A sincere smile is the perfect expression for human love and compassion’. Mother Theresa of Calcuta was convinced that ‘peace starts with a smile’ and Russian writer Leon Tólstoi even said ‘a kid recognizes his mother by a smile’.