This is not a pipe

In order to analyze how we humans can adapt our views to the group to which we belong, the American psychologist Solomon Asch, a pioneer in social psychology, conducted in 1951 a series of experiments showing how an individual is capable of change his mind because of social pressure and, the more surprising, do it voluntarily and denying the evidence.

The researchers asked some students to participate in an ‘visual perception test’ on you had to compare the length of a number of lines printed on a paper. All participants were in cahoots except one, and in fact the real experiment was to see his reaction to the behavior of others as a group.

The experiment was repeated with 123 different protagonists and the results revealed that if the answers of his partners were correct, the subject failed only 1% of the time, whereas if they chose the wrong answer unanimously, the individual was swayed by the overwhelmingly majority in almost 37% of cases, even being aware that his choice did not fit with the reality he was watching.