We, we, we are the system

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Zen master, besides Buddhist monk and peace activist. Founder of the School of Youth for Social Services, Vanh Hanh Buddhist University, publisher Le Boi Press and the Order of Interbeing, he taught at Columbia University and at the Sorbonne and was nominated by Martin Luther King for Nobel Peace Prize in 1967.

He was exiled as a political refugee in France in 1972, due to the peaceful struggle that began during the Vietnam War. He currently lives in a buddhist teaching community called Plum Village founded in 1982 near Bordeaux, although constantly travels the world giving teachings and helping refugees. He has written more than 60 books in English, French and Vietnamese, and some of them have been translated into Spanish. His writings and lectures focus primarily on the need to transmit in the social daily action a profound intention of love emerged from conscious attention.

In this video, an assistant to one of his lectures prompted advice to young people who fight for social rights throughout the world and especially in the context of the crisis that is occurring in Europe.