Whatabout 1: The future by Antonio López-Guitián

‘Thinking is considered boring and that is not good for the future.’

He studied French literature in Toulouse and his first contact with the world of communication was on Radio Nacional. He then went on to become one of the most charismatic reporters at ‘Caiga quien caiga’ on Telecinco, in which he broke a record: minute and a half of silence in front of a interviewed. Then came ‘El gallinero’ on Telecinco, ‘Pecados capitales’ and ‘Hoy no hay siesta’ with Juanjo de la Iglesia on Localia TV and ‘Vamos a cocinar’ with Chef José Andrés and ‘Extra’ on TVE. He has also done theater, ‘Adictos al régimen’ and ‘Parlando humor’, all with Juanjo de la Iglesia. He is author of two books, ‘El libro de los jefes’ and ‘Tonino, luego existo’ and has contributed to various publications as Cartelera Turia, El Mundo, El Economista, El Semanal or Público.