WHAT ABOUT: The future by Javier Nieto

‘Decentralization of production will change our position in the territory, and that will change our way of relating’.

He studied law, philosophy and business administration. PhD in Management by ESADE, where he has been teaching courses over 30 years, most recently focused on History of Thought in Management and the importance of rhetoric and liberal arts for the moral training of leaders. He was also a teacher for 16 years at Eina Design School, in Barcelona. He trained as editor in Seix Barral in early 1980 and then went by Planeta and Bruguera before founding Santa & Cole in 1985, a prestigious business group that exports to over 70 countries, National Design Award (1999) and Prince Felipe Award (2006), among many others. Passionate about books, generous transmission of knowledge and protection of intellectual property, has been editor and translator of authors such as Henry Mintzberg, Alfred Chandler or Joseph Schumpeter.

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