Whatabout 1: The future by Lucio Urtubia

‘I know from experience that the more you give, the more you receive’.

Mason and militant anarchist born in Navarra, he fled to France in 1954 after defecting from military service. Due to its clandestine activities towards international left-wing groups is considered as a kind of Robin Hood, but in the words of Albert Boadella ‘Lucio is a Quijote that did not fight windmills, but against real giants’. Friend of André Breton and Albert Camus, throughout his life has been involved in numerous acts against the Capitalist system which supposed five international search orders, including one of the CIA. Highlights include the proposal to Che Guevara to fake massively American dollars —finally rejected—, the participation in the preparation of the kidnapping of nazi Klaus Barbie in Bolivia, the collaboration in the escape of the leader of the Black Panthers, the intercession on the kidnapping of Javier Rupérez or his help in Albert Boadella’s jailbreak, who was awaiting trial for a crime of insulting the Army. He also sympathized with the Autonomous Combat Groups Iberian Liberation Movement and post-Revolutionary Internationalist Action Groups —GARI—, maintaining a special relationship with one of the most prominent members of the latter, the French Jean-Marc Rouillan. He has always defended work: ‘We are masons, painters, electricians, we need the state for nothing’. Currently he is still involved in spreading anarchist ideas and continues living in Paris in a house with open doors.