Whatabout 1: The future by Pedro Mateu-Gelabert

‘The future is a return to feudalism’.

PhD in sociology, specialized in urban ethnography. With over 15 years experience in qualitative research both in New York City and internationally, he is first author and co-author of numerous peer reviewed publications and reports. His doctoral dissertation was a comparative study titled ‘Street ethos: surviving High School that explored the impact of violence and crime on the academic experience of immigrants and American-born students’. At the Vera Institute of Justice, mentored by Dr Mercer Sullivan, he was the principal investigator of a National Institute of Justice grant that focused on race theory as it relates to adolescent violence, gangs and immigration. In collaboration with criminologist Rob Davis he explored the relationship between police and the community and its effect on civilian complaints. In 2000, he joined NDRI —National Disease Research Interchange— as a principal research associate for two NIH —National Institutes of Health— projects led by Samuel R. Friedman, PhD: ‘Networks, norms and HIV risk among youth’ and ‘Social factors and HIV risk’. Both projects explored interactions among drug users, dealers, police and other community actors and how they relate to various health and crime outcomes. He was also principal investigator on a NIDA —National Institute on Drug Abuse— developmental project aimed at training injector drug users in strategies to avoid HIV and HCV infections, ‘Staying safe: training IDUs in strategies to avoid HIV and HCV’. A consortium of researchers in London, Sydney, Valencia, and Vancouver collaborated in parallel ‘Staying safe’ studies. He is currently principal investigator on an NIDA funded R01 that explores HIV, HCV and STI risk associated with nonmedical use of prescription opioids.