Whatabout 1: The future by Sabino Méndez

‘Artists are like the old watchmen who warn of what threatens the tribe’.

Rock composer and writer, began his musical career in Barcelona in the late seventies. With bassist Teo Serrano form several groups, including Los Pintalabios and Los Rompecorazones. In 1980 form Los Intocables with Teo Serrano and José María Sanz Beltrán, ‘Loquillo’, and in 1982 Los Trogoditas just with Loquillo, with whom is responsible for hits like ‘La mataré’, ‘Todo el mundo ama a Isabel’, ‘Carne para Linda’, ‘Cadillac solitario’, ‘El rompeolas’, ‘Autopista’, ‘El ritmo del garaje’ o ‘Rock’n’roll star’, among others. In 2000 he graduated in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona and the same year is integrated into the team responsible for the four volumes of ‘Life written by women’ by the Editorial Lumen, on pioneering women writers in Spain. In parallel has published four books: ‘Run, rocker: personal chronicle of the eighties’ (2000), ‘Limousines and Stars: half a century of rock (1954-2004)’ (2004), ‘Hotel Earth’ (2006) and ‘History of hunger and thirst’ (2006). He has also collaborated with various Spanish media as El País, El Mundo, ABC, La Razón, Diario 16, El Periódico de Catalunya and La Vanguardia.