Whatamovie 1: ‘Investment’ by Marcel Juan

The first Whatamovie is a short film directed by Marcel Juan titled ‘Investment’. With its premiere a space is released including documentaries and audiovisual fiction pieces dealing with issues related to the future of any matter from a conscious point of view.

Marcel Juan is a director and photographer from Barcelona. He studied graphic design, but his interest in photography and the moving image has gradually taken an interest in these areas . His audiovisual and images owe much to the graphic influences he received in the early years of his career and are marked by a particular sense of tempo, framing, aesthetics and light. In his work he highlights the taste for poetic, human, and sometimes certain notes of humor and surrealism. He has directed commercials, music videos, fashion films, mini-series for television, curtains for multiple channels, films and audiovisual museum of the Brazil Cup in Rio de Janeiro. You can learn and deepen their work and creative universe on his own website: www.marceljuan.com