WHAT A MEET: Lessons from a crisis

Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Financial crisis, moral crisis, even scam. It has written extensively on the causes and characteristics of the crisis plaguing the Western world, and indeed on any crisis: Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, came to say that ‘every crisis is a fracture in the collective unconscious of the species that allows the emergence of a new paradigm of awareness’.

Alex Rovira —writer, economist and lecturer— performs an introduction on the subject that gives way to five roundtables —on economy, politics, philosophy, technology and culture— and raises a question: ‘What can do each of us, no matter how small it may be, to improve the situation?’.


Meet at the Casa Amat in Barcelona. Attendees had to choose the color of their ticket, which would serve to group them by thematic tables in the second part of the event —Image WHAT
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